Email Marketing

Promote your company with targeted email marketing solution that converts.

Email marketing gives your marketing strategy an ultimate boost with a well-planned campaign. Did you think email marketing is old school? Check your inbox you will be receiving lots of marketing email this itself proves you need email marketing in ratio proportion in your online presence.


Strong Social Media Strategies

It is important to distinguish the difference between social media and traditional advertising. We make strategies to build conversations with your customers so that they think about you when they are in the market.

Creating the right strategy

Our team first learns about the needs of the clients and their customer base. It helps to identify social networks that are most important for your business.

Email Marketing

Promotion strategy and content:

We create plan for creating content and publishing it across your accounts. An engaging content hooks encourages customers to make purchases and share their experiences with friends.

Building influence

When your following increases, so does your authority and social influence. The rising number of engaging content increases your influence.

Email Marketing

We analyze to optimize:

No service will be optimized if you don’t analyze it. We use various tools to capture the below data which is very critical for the campaign:      

  • Open rate: If the open rate is low we need to add value to the content we are marketing.
  • Click Through rate: If the click through rate is low we need to be specific about your message and services so that it prompts the one who has been contacted.
  • Unsubscribes: If our tools give us more unsubscribe rates then we revisit and re manage your campaign.


We segment your email list:

Entire services under your umbrella are not for the entire list. We segment you list as per the parameters below and reach the intended client to give you more conversions:
  • Segment that looks for your products.
  • Segment that is comfortable with text in mails.
  • Regular email list.
Email Marketing
We target your audience with well-planned elaborate emails to present the best of your services. We ensure with our campaign you build loyalty and increase the sign ups.
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