Online Lead Generation

"Let Your Website Do The Sales for You!"

In the world of internet, marking your presence is the call of the time. Having a strong, propagated, well planned online Social presence via well strategized mediums is the backbone of online lead generation. The online presence can be optimized via social media, email marketing, blogs etc.


What is Online Lead Generation

An online lead would be a person who developed an interest in your services by looking at your online portfolio, like you are doing right now. You are interested in a service called “Online lead generation” and we are a service provider so here you are. This is how online lead generation works. This is devoid of the cold calls that are made to random numbers that are not the convertible leads. That effort is waste. Stronger your Social media Management better is your lead conversion.

Online Lead Generation
Online Lead Generation

Why it is required?

You must always keep in mind the traditional marketing ways will not yield the results in online marketing. Online lead generation is a ratio proportion of online presence and the technicalities behind it.

How do we work towards your conversion goals?

SMM- Social Media Managment : Our Social media strategies are customized as per your services and budget.Social media is a low-cost avenue of lead generation so a well strategized campaign will give you good leads that are convertible and keep you within your budgets.
Online Lead Generation
  • Cover the most relevant social media platforms: We understand your services from core and brainstorm on the best relevant social media platforms for you that will give you convertible leads.
  • Content focused approach: We focus on content, image and video marketing with the most informative content. Content is a very valuable part of any Social media strategy.
  • Optimized social influence: We optimize the frequency of your campaigns so that your presence is noticed and keep retargeting the audience.
  • Tools to capture lead information: We use various tools like CRM, landing pages to get you the details of your customer. Once you know your client he is no more a cold zone to you. He has expressed himself to you and now you can approach him over call to convert him.
  • Content and timing: On strategizing what is the content your target audience is looking for is clear. The next vital point is it must reach them when they are most active. The social media platforms have a short shelf life of the engaging posts we need to manage the time so that we get maximum engagement to our posts within that window.
  • Interactive approach: Organic leads must be coming to the content we propagated to you a reply to their queries is must to increase the engagement.
  • Tools to manage: Social media moves fast, using tools that capture data for you gives you lot to analyze and strategize further.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization: We feel proud to say that we lead in ethical SEO. Our experience in dealing the algorithmic changes is very diverse so we work on making your website excel and not merely just exist. We are completely transparent to you with our services, targets and results. We help you rank with our strategies like:
  • Ethical Backlinks.
  • Content optimization.
  • Keyword optimization
  Pay per Click: Paying for advertising ensures a reliable flow of traffic. The pay per click charges its website for any user click. The user click is always a convertible lead. We have a bag full of strategies to make the Pay per click campaign ultimate success for you. Pay per click is not sustainable alone. You need a string campaign to back it and that’s what we specialize in.   Our forte remains our adaptability, the online market is quite quick. You might sleep on one algorithm and wake up to see a drastic drop in your ranking next day. This is what our services are about. Strategizing, maintaining and safe guarding in case of any drastic changes.
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