Online Media Buying

Research, Choose and Select the Right Digital Properties that can give you results.

Media planning has some vital steps that need to be followed. Audience research makes the core of media planning. The media buying is not only about initial purchase of suitable media. Media buying should give a long term propagating results.


What does Media planning and buying mean?

In the online world, the advertising space is huge but where, when and how you advertise wins you the lead. Media planning and buying is all about the strategy and purchasing of the web space where you place your ads. A campaign is set up and run successfully only when it’s set up taking into account its target audience, the core product of campaign and the targets.

The primary target of an online ad campaign remains is engaging the audience. When audience interacts with you via the campaign the chances of conversions increase. This is the target of the media planning to engage the audience.


Online Media Buying
Online Media Buying

How are we different from others?

Understanding our clients and offering them the most goal achieving campaigns is our target. We stand apart from others in Media planning and buying because:

  • We do an audience research to find the target zone for your products and services.
  • We divide your budget wisely to give enough budget to each segment e.g. displays, search etc.
  • We divide your budget in guaranteed and non-guaranteed inventory.
  • We buy and match the rates for your Media placements through proper channels.

Interactivend is the leading platform in Media planning and buying. Our forte remains to create more and more engaging campaignsto give you lead conversions. We create responsive and web friendly banners to increase your visibility.

Our campaigns are designed keeping in consideration your audience and products and services that ensures your campaign high CTR (click through rates). The industries best media planning and buying experts work persuasively to give you ROI. We ensure that you get a maximum exposure with our campaigns.



We package the deals for you to give you propagating results by:

  • Regular analysis of the way the online competition is turning.
  • Regular analysis of how your website is ranking.
  • Creating optimized and competitive content for your website.
  • Buying and planning your online campaigns.

With our online campaigns, we give your brand the reach it deserves!!

Online Media Buying
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