Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Get leads and sales instantly.Experience our targeted PPC marketing!

You don’t have much time to build backlinks and quality content to rank your website in an organic manner. This is where the PPC will play a good role to rank your website as per your budget invested.


Why PPC required?

SEO got you convertible leads so why should you add PPC also to your online campaign? SEO is a big black box that gives you a huge traffic with content and backlinks. The SEO sometimes seems to be getting surges of traffic and sometimes less. For the times when your SEO team is building up strategies and make them work for you need a safety cover for your business so that it does not dip. This is what PPC does in simple words it gives you that reliable flow of traffic for a known amount of money.Some other important considerations before choosing PPC are:
  1. Keyword ranking: There will always be some keywords with which you will not be able to rank. For such scenarios PPC is the only online marketing strategy.
  2. Retargeting the audience: The PPC is one online marketing strategy that ensures the audience is retargeted.
  3. PPC gives you the best ROI (Return on investment).
  4. PPC and SEO can go hand in hand. If the audience got same results from SEO and PPC he has double insurance of quality that you have to deliver.

How are we different from other PPC campaigners - We value your vision

It feels proud to state that Digital marketing is our forte but what sets us apart is the way our experienced team of marketers connect to your vision. Vision based market strategy of Pay per Click (PPC) is sure to meet your targets. We integrate our core PPC strategies to your services to catch the eyes of your target audience. Once the target audience is understood, our expert digital marketing strategies drive a huge chunk of converting traffic to your service sites yielding higher revenues.

All our efforts are result driven. The campaigns that we drive for you are meticulously developed in the manner that drives the converting traffic with minimum bounce rate.

How we make sure you and us together stand apart in the market?

  • The traffic we drive to you is 100% convertible.
  • PPC needs a strong campaign set up and we expertise in that.
  • We keep the marketing channel transparent to you with regular data and activity reporting.
  • We know you are the leaders of your niche we learn from you and create genuine marketing material to showcase the best of you so that your PPC campaign gives your leads.
  • We keep our focus on longevity and strong ROI of the digital marketing work that we do for you.
  • The campaigns we run for you touches the target audience in all the brackets of new, pondering and existing clients of yours.
Our Strategies to boom your PPC campaign:
  • Budgeting: We optimize you budget to give you best ROI.
  • Ranging: We use various tools to predict the range of results for you and discuss them with you.
  • PPC account set up: We set up the PPC accounts and all aspects of campaign are covered like Keyword research, ad copy development, Bid setup, landing page recommendations and conversion tracking codes.
  • Ad optimization: We optimize the entire ad campaign.
  • We do the PPC maintenance as well.
  • Reporting techniques and reports are shared with.
  We are there to help you make the bridges to your targets: You may have a past baggage of experiences with digital marketing agencies that could not meet your targets. On our first interaction we ensure you shed off the baggage with a value discussion that unties various knots of the gap between the services and marketing channels. We value your vision, trust and the budget that you invest in marketing. We ensure we formulate the best result oriented strategy for you that does not outweigh your budget. For you every click matters, for the engagement and the conversion of clicks we take the complete responsibility. We are a brand in our own field of digital marketing and we want you to emerge, sustain and outgrow your boundaries. Your investment with us will be once but the revenues you make on them will be long-term propagating. Working with us makes you global as digital marketing has no physical or virtual boundaries and with us you are all set to fly across.
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