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  • August 29, 2017
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Digital marketing – the future Super market

Does it sound too futuristic, but it’s no more future it’s the present. With the invasion of search engines, Social Media, email, SMS and websites you cannot and must not stay away from it. More and more convertible audience is spending time on internet. This is the place where you need to present and present yourself really well to connect to your audience.

Without you doing the actual prospecting your website, Social media, email and SMS is what converts your audience into loyal customers.

Too much is going around the digital marketing and we see lots of businesses taking to it. Digital marketing is a spectrum with many segments to market your business. Prior to investing and creating a campaign for yourself you should understand the kind of audience that is active on each segment and what are the best ways to evoke curiosity and convert your leads.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing builds your global presence as it’s all online

As a digital marketing expert one should choose the ratio proportion of all the segments or a focused segment to reach your set targets.

A billboard, a pamphlet, a banner the digital marketing has digital versions of these segments. The segments that serve as different marketing channels for you on gross levels make your influence list online.

Influence list:

These are what attract and influence your future customers:

  • Website – your online store.
  • Blog – express your vision.
  • EBooks – Freebies lists your interested clients.
  • Social media channel (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Online pamphlets.
  • Brand consistency – your logo is your name.

What works in digital marketing?

Your website, social media accounts and email accounts are the root channels how you propagate things there is done with below ways:



Search Engine optimization (SEO):

With the advent of lots of search engines how your website and content ranks determines the number of leads your get. The websites that rank number two get 50% lesser traffic so harsh is the competition.

Content Marketing: You sell well when prior to selling your services you offer some information that is new to your lead that develops your impression.

Social Media Marketing: With more and more population active on social media you need to be present and present at the time when the leads are most active.

Pay-Per Click: A sustainable traffic driver ensures your website gets ranked.

Affiliate Marketing: You do not promote your products or services but you get a commission on any lead that gets converted on the seller website.

Automation: Tools that automate your marketing to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Is Inbound and digital marketing term confusing you? There is a fine line between the too. The Inbound marketing works primarily on the full funnel method where they attract the leads with the content and convert them. Digital marketing is a wide spectrum giving you lots of marketing channels to optimize.

Digital marketing over traditional marketing:

Wondering why digital market picked pace over traditional marketing. Here are some quick reasons:

  • Its results are measurable. With various options to check out like website traffic, blog views you can see how well is your campaign performing.
  • Reporting tools help you develop your further strategies.

How does content play a role in the lifecycle?

Your content plays a very vital role in your digital marketing strategy. Your content and how people respond to it determines your ROI.

Content plays a vital role in your conversions:

  • Stage 1: Creates general awareness(Blogs)
  • Stage 2: Shows your campaigns consideration to their needs(Freebies like ebooks)
  • Stage 3: Confidence for conversions(Testimonials)

Budget for Digital Marketing:

Good news!! with lots of exposure that it gives to your business Digital marketing does not call for huge investments. Also with the organic reaches that give you long term sustainable conversions its self-propagating with your efforts.

Paid online marketing does increase your visibility but that is also a low cost affair. Some Facebook adverts or promotions, PPC with Google Adwords you can always increase your reach.

Mobiles have bought digital world together: Mobiles have pocketed your reach to your audience. You are quite close to them with mobile marketing techniques you can connect and convert very well. A few tweaks and you can excel in mobile marketing:

  • Making your pamphlets, Videos, Website mobile screen friendly.
  • Mobile app.

All the aspects and segments of digital marketing are simple, you just need to understand you audience and relate to them with a successful campaign that give you conversions.

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